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Welcome to TexasRxs.org !!
Welcome to TexasRxs.org !!
This is the official home of the TexasRxs Car Club of Austin. We are the only group in town dedicated to vehicles powered by that automotive marvel, the Mazda Rotary Engine. Monthly Meetings are 7pm every 1st Tuesday @one of 5+ centrally located locations & open to all. SEE the *Upcoming Events* right side column for the next one.

TexasRxs is now associated with *CenTex Cruises & *Sweet Rides Of Central Texas* to participate in road trips, car shows & other activities. All members, guests & visitors are welcome to visit, go all or part way, or just send us off. See "Upcoming Club Events" right column.

Our low dues help support club administration & event activities. Presenting a TexasRxs MEMBERSHIP CARD gets very sizeable discounts at participating sponsors & everybody wins. See *HOW TO JOIN* & *MEMBERSHIP FORM* @the left column. Paid members get $5. off a club logo for your shirt, cap or windshield.

*MAZDA-Roger Beasley Dealerships-new sales, parts, warranty service.
Central (www.RogerBeasley.com).
South (www.MazdaSouth.com).
Georgetown (www.MazdaGeorgetown.com).
*AUTOMOTIVE SPECIALIST-Certified Rotary Tech, repair, maintenance. performance (www.Automotive-Specialist.com).
*DISCOUNT TIRE-unbeatable prices/service on tires & wheels (www.DiscountTire.com).
*DENTWORKS-the very highest quality paintless dent repair.(www.Dentworks.com).
*TXR CUSTOM CAR AUDIO & ACCESSORIES-long time small shop, 5 star work.(www.TXRCustomCarAudio.com).
*MUFFIN MUFFLER-another long time 5 star small shop, repair, replace, custom exhaust system work. (www.MuffinMuffler.com)
Our website is a work in progress. We are always updating event information, sponsor logos, Tech Tips & other Links. Thanks & keep on truckin' Randall !!
Dentworks of Austin

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Sun.Sept.11/16*Oasis Cars/Coffee*Lunch*Drive*
Posted by TopDown on 2016/9/13 16:20:00 (36 reads)

*Cooler weather forecasts brought many cars out to the Oasis. An outstanding one was the classic road racing early Porsche w/a hand built & polished aluminum body on a tubular frame. Another was the all red retro '58 Corvette,...all the best lines but sleeker than the original. Lastly was our own Tom Prager's classic maroon Jaguar coupe which drew a lot of attention. Tony Merrick (V8 Miata) & I (RX7 cnvrt.) parked with him & even had some shade into a warmer 11:30am when we left.
*A Lexus V8 coupe & 2 sedans, Mustang GT, RX7 3rd gen. & my '89 RX7 met @Rudy's/620 for lunch. Rudy's is always Rudy's, close by w/good parking & something on the menu for everybody..
*The route for 6 cars was simple Sunday, led @a brisk but safe pace by Berny Schiff in his Lexus coupe w/readable maps & radio contact 1st & last car . We drove Lime Creek. 1431, Cow Creek, 1174, 1431 & Lime creek back to home. All together, no one lost, low traffic & good scenery.
* Let's do it again next 2nd Sunday Oasis. Meet/greet/eat/drive. Join us !! RSVP ME IF COMING.

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Sat.Aug.20/2016*Hill Country Rally For Kids*
Posted by TopDown on 2016/9/8 11:20:00 (23 reads)

*This year's charity show for children's groups was in quaint old downtown Dripping Springs all along Mercer Street. About 150 diverse cars from Ferrari to rat rod entered this charity event. Weather went from clouds to drizzle & finally very heavy rain @3:30pm after the awards. None of us won the Jeep or the 4 wheeler. Should have listened to the voices in my head & left @1pm.
*The good side was *free visitor admission this year* & the side walk overhead cover from the old gas stations & other historic buildings,....and my extra large umbrella.
"Better than 100+ degrees" as someone pointed out,....agreed !!
*Tony Merrick's V8 Miata got a lot of attention as usual & Dave Friar's Mustang GT won a trophy for Best Custom. Good show, nice company, worth the wet weather.

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Sat.Aug.6 & Sept.3/2016 Leander Weekly Cruise-In @Lowes
Posted by TopDown on 2016/9/8 10:30:00 (24 reads)

*This is a new weekly Sat.night 7-9pm (summer hrs.) open cruise-in @Lowes-Leander. When *Sweet Rides* sends an invitation to show up as a group, I will post/announce it as an event. We can meet/eat before/after or just visit.
*We met them Aug.6 & Sept.3. Weather has cooled with a usually nice breeze, interesting mix of cars & new people. I tried The Great Wall for dinner blind last Sat. Don't go there. Oh well,.....plenty of other places nearby next time. LD.

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Jun.18/2016 *Cele Store BBQ* w/Z Club
Posted by TopDown on 2016/6/25 12:50:00 (183 reads)

*Time for a little rual Texas, movie & BBQ history.....(www.CeleStore.com). Just 21 miles from Austin in the middle of open farm land around Manor is a very old, rickety former saloon, general store & now quirky BBQ joint.
*We drove in 2 groups w/16 people from Plugerville, rally style w/navigators (coded route) & group cruise (sometimes a little lost), but generally arriving together.
*The 1891 Richland Saloon became the Cele Store, then a family owned BBQ place. Movie credits include "Texas Chainsaw Massacre I, II & III" (Leather Face), "A Perfect World (Clint Eastwood/Kevin Costner)" & "Second Hand Lions" (Michael Caine/Robert Duval).
* D├ęcor is still 1900's, hours are limited, sometimes w/live music. The no-menu offerings ($5.-$16.) are simply sausage, brisket, ribs, cheese, onions, pickles & drinks,... period. Bring your own sides, desert & hard liquor. Quirky.
*Weather started out warm, muggy & top down. On leaving after a slow lunch, it was hot & humid & the black cover over my folded convertible top was finger blistering. Sheep skin covers, that I get kidded about, over also black leather seats, were still cool & breezy as always. Then,...top up w/a/c for home !! Summer is here.
*Nice drive by the Z Club again. Thanks !!

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June 7, 2016 Mthly Meeting, News, Changes........
Posted by TopDown on 2016/6/9 7:00:00 (281 reads)

Thanks to those who attended w/input & approved the following:

....Dues @$30./yr.
....TexasRxs current I.D. Card gets sponsor discounts.
....New shirt, cap & windshield TexasRxs Club logos +$5. current paid member refund when purchased.

....7pm every 1st Tuesday.
....Central, affordable, good menu, adequate parking.
....Rotate by vote each month.
....TBA notice @website "Upcoming Club Events" & email:
....CAFE' EXPRESS---3814 N.Lamar/35th---JULY 5, 2016.
....Shanghai Asian---6715 Middle Fiskville Rd---S. of 290E.
....Poke Jo's BBQ---Hancock Cntr.---1000 E.41st/N.IH35---S. of 290E.
....Amaya's Taco Village---5408 N.IH35---S. of 290E.
....Burger Tex---5420 Airport Blvd. off N.IH35---S. of 290E.

....Randall Edwards---Web Master.
....Basic 1 page menu format w/minimum navigation.
....Improve & retain: Welcome/about us, past Event Articles, Upcoming Club Events, How to Join/Benefits, Membership Form, Face Book link, etc.
....Sponsors & logos update.
....Move to a new compatible web site system.


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