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Welcome to TexasRxs.org !!
Welcome to TexasRxs.org !!

This is the official home of the TexasRxs Car Club of Austin !! We are the only group in town dedicated to vehicles powered by that automotive marvel, the Mazda Rotary Engine. Monthly meetings are open to all 7pm every 1st Tuesday@CHILI'S-6619 IH 35N @290.

TexasRxs sponsored *Winding Roads Driving Events* is now associated with *CenTex Cruises*, *Sweet Rides Of Central Texas* & *Capital Z of Texas* to plan/lead/participate in road trips & other activities. All members, guests, interested clubs & visitors are most welcome to go with us. On these days, please come visit, go part or all the way, or just send us off. See the "Upcoming Club Events" right column.

Our website is a work in progress. We are always updating our *Sponsor Logos*, Tech Tips & other Links. Keep on truckin' Randall !!

Our low dues help support club administration & event activities. Presenting a TexasRxs MEMBERSHIP CARD gets very sizeable discounts at participating sponsors. A win-win for everybody. Join us !!

*MAZDA-Roger Beasley Dealerships-new sales, parts, warranty service.
Central (www.RogerBeasley.com).
South (www.MazdaSouth.com).
Georgetown (www.MazdaGeorgetown.com).
*AUTOMOTIVE SPECIALIST-Certified Rotary Tech, repair, maintenance. performance (www.Automotive-Specialist.com).
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Sat.Jan.9/2016: World Famous*MURPHY'S STEAK HOUSE*Winchester Tx. w/Z Clubs
Posted by TopDown on 2016/1/12 17:00:00 (60 reads)

*It was windy & chilly @11am, but hey.... we had clear blue skies, no rain forecasted, tops up & heaters on. 12 Z cars + 3 RXs & friends totaled 22 people. Leaving the Walnut Creek Water Treatment Plant @11:30am, we drove east-south-east on 969,1209, 81, Shiloh Rd., 304, 2571, 95, & 153 to Winchester Tx. by 1am+-.
*Murphy's Steak House had tables reserved for us + 15 cars & 19 more people arriving with San Antonio & Houston Z clubs. Service was very good, prices reasonable, steaks excellently seasoned & cooked exactly to order. Medium rare was actually medium rare !! Priced by the 8 ounce size+ from $12., sides, salad bar & a wonderful bean pot were included. Murphy's notably serves each steak one menu priced size larger than ordered; my 8 oz came 12 oz on the plate, same $$. A little out of the way, but my best steak place !!
*We drove home by reversing the original route, ready made, easy, looking different that way & still interesting. I got home in time to see 3 quarters of the Houston Texans looking *really bad* in a shut out by the Kansas City Chiefs. Oh well, ...like watching U.T.
*Thanks very much to the Z Club for it's continuing hospitality. We especially note Ayon Dasgupta for the invitation & Maureen Van Sickle for planning the route, leading the drive at a nice pace & making all the arrangements @Murphy's.

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Sat.Dec.19/2015 *Johnson City Xmas Lights* w/Z Club
Posted by TopDown on 2015/12/20 12:10:00 (91 reads)

*9 in all, Z's, G's, & RX's, showed 3pm for the annual trip to see Xmas lights in Johnson City. First Stop was to see snow !! @the Bee Cave library/Hill Country Galleria & Santa for the little ones.
*The 4pm drive w/cool clear weather was a little under top down temps, but after all, ...it's December. The route included Hamilton Pool Rd, 301 (a favorite) & 281 to Johnson City. We arrived early enough for close parking on the court house square, ending a very pleasant drive well.
*With a long waiting line at the popular Pecan St. Brewing Co., a reservation for a large table was *great planning* by Z Club organizers. Seating, food & especially service was quick & smooth. Everyone gave their items good marks, ...maybe because no one ordered the infamously tiny Chicken Fried Steak @$14.++. We finished just a little while after display lights went on @6pm.
*City Park was fascinating & the Court House was completely draped in lights like Clark Griswald's house from roof to ground with outside/inside displays. Perdernales Electrical Co-op was *spectacular* as always with giant oaks completely covered with lights from ground to branch tips. This year, a few in the middle were in all blue, nicely adding to the traditional all white theme.
*Hard core drivers headed out 8:30pm to see the Marble Falls Xmas Trail. I toured the rest of downtown & visited the replacement for the much missed *Silver K Restaurant*, the new *East Main Grill*@The Old Lumber Yard location. It looks worth a visit soon.
*I left feeling all warm & Christmasy, ....then home.
**A huge THANKS** to the Z Club for this holiday drive. LD.

*NEXT EVENT: Jan.23/2016 *Murphy's Steak House* in Winchester, Tx. w/the Z Club. Time/Location TBA.

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Sat.Dec.5, 2015 BLUE SANTA Toy Drive w/Sweet Rides.
Posted by TopDown on 2015/12/12 9:04:43 (55 reads)

*Over 150 !! unique cars filled the huge lot at *Ranch Hand Truck Accessories*in Cedar Park. Weather was clear & cool all day. A large amount of Xmas toys were collected for the Blue Santa toy distribution by the local police, very successful !! Saw my friends there. Heather Siminski drove her black/Black super charged Camero cnvrt with new trim changes. Organizer Shawn Jones, looking for a latter model, offered to sell me his Corvette. A C5 pop top would be my choice if my '89 cnvrt is lost. Maybe later; my RX7 keeps me happy enough for now.
*Best Part Of The Day ?? Got home in time to watch Texas win over poor, beat up Baylor. Still a nice boost to a Twilight Zone season.

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Sun.Dec.6, 2014-Leander Car Show-Lunch & Drive.
Posted by TopDown on 2015/12/12 8:43:08 (58 reads)

Perfect weather for the show & drive encouraged a moderate turnout with diverse cars & ease of parking spaces. Lunch was Mexican @La Tapatia around the corner. The short Sunday drive was led by Berny Schiff in his new Lexus R (seriously) V8 Coupe: Nameless Rd.--1431--Lime Creek--2222--360 & home. Nice day, just right !!

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Sun.Nov.8, 2015 *Wine Tour* with the Z Club.
Posted by TopDown on 2015/12/2 12:20:00 (87 reads)

*With cool, clear weather, we met up with our Capital Z friends at the "Y". Nine cars headed west for wineries along the Driftwood, Wood Creek, Blanco, Johnson City route.
*Murphy was with us on this trip. While driving a low water crossing with mild flow, all made it across with out incident except one car with a very low mounted engine, starter & intake. It stalled & we pushed it out to dry road where 2 of us waited with him (*no none gets left behind*). After 40 minutes, it dried out, started up & ran good. We bypassed the wineries & went straight to Johnson City.
*Arriving before the main group, we celebrated lunch at the Pecan St. Brewing Co.,..... mostly about not having to call a tow truck !!
*So much for the wine part of the tour & less dramatic but more pleasant roadside stops ,....may be next time.

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